Fuji S9600 digital camera review

Fuji S9600
Fuji S9600
Fuji has a wide range of digital cameras from compacts to bridge cameras . The Fuji S9600 is one of the best bridge cameras ever made . Instead of reinventing the hugely successful Fuji S9500, the S9600 sees the introduction instead of some carefully-chosen improvements. Improving LCD size, image sharpness and low light autofocus, the new camera acts as a definite upgrade to its predecessor. The camera has a very impressive zoom lens; covering the crucial 28-300mm range, and crafted from the highest standard Fujinon optics, this is a built-in lens that has been engineered to work perfectly with the camera’s sensor technology. And the sensor technology is just as advanced – a nine million effective pixel Super CCD and Real Photo Processor combination that not only delivers on detail, but also the major image quality milestones: colour, low noise, dynamic range and sensitivity. The wide angle end is ideal for landscapes . Middle of the range focal lengths ( 100 to 150 mm ) can be used for portraits . The telephoto end is perfect for sports .
People that use the S9600 will not miss many shots. There is no annoying wait as a motor extends the lens (it is already in position), and the autofocus locks on to subjects with a speed that will make you think twice as to whether this really is not a DSLR. With its use of manual zoom ring, dials and buttons for important functions, the S9600 is designed for photographers who do not want their camera to get in the way of their photography.
The S9600 design allows you to do many things that you can’t with a digital SLR. For instance, using the 2-inch LCD to compose your image, rather than having to lift the camera to cover your eye.The LCD has a double hinge which allows you to change the angle of it to suit you depending on the angle you want to hold the camera at . You can hold the camera at waist level or ground level if you want a low angle . If you are shooting close-ups you can set the LCD screen at any angle between vertical and horizontal ie a full 90 degrees to play with . Using the zoom to reach virtually any of the major focal lengths, rather than having to change lenses and possibly see harmful dust enter the camera, not to mention missing the shot. Also, the mirror-free design allows you to enjoy the added functionality of a movie mode, which is something that SLRs cannot offer.

The lens is fixed to the camera – not only will the interior of the camera be protected from dust and the elements, but you also have an incredible zoom range at your disposal.It’s easy to zoom from one end of the zoom to the other with one movement . Fujinon optics have an enviable reputation within the photography industry for their clarity and quality, and the lens on the S9600 lives up to the name. The 13 elements include one hybrid aspherical element; one glass moulded aspherical element, as well as ED glass. Furthermore, photography enthusiasts will like the manual twist barrel zoom control, as well as the manual focusing ring, both giving pinpoint control.
One of the more visible improvements on the S9600 is the large 2-inch LCD monitor, mounted on a tiltable axis on the back of the camera. Possessing an extremely detailed display of 235,000 pixels, it enables you to check focus and get an immediate idea of image sharpness. Unlike an SLR, you will find yourself able to shoot above your head and from the floor, unlocking amazing shooting potential.
This camera is about a lot more than just nine million pixels. Super CCD technology has long been associated with class-leading performance in top-end digital cameras. Unlike generic image sensors, this system is developed and manufactured entirely in-house, and is performance only available from Fujifilm. Compared to the S9500, the S9600 sees refinements in the area of image sharpness, delivering a bitingly crisp rendition of reality. Furthermore, the impressive ISO range of 100-1600 means that you will get great, blur-free results in all light, not just daylight. Because of its incredible potential in low light conditions, the S9600’s auto focus has been further improved, enabling it to find focus more quickly in dim conditions. Fuji S9600 Amazing tours of Scotland – call +44131-549-9785 now for availability Private tours Edinburgh 0131-549-9785 . Looking for day trips Edinburgh ? How about taking an Outlander tour from Edinburgh to visit Jamie Fraser’s home in Scotland’s amazing Outlander film locations ?Private tours of Scotland 0131-549-9785 seven days a weekPrivate tours Edinburgh 0131-549-9785 . Looking for day trips Edinburgh ? How about taking an Outlander tour from Edinburgh to visit Jamie Fraser’s home in Scotland’s amazing Outlander film locations ? For tour information call +44131-549-9785 now *** check availability now for our unique tours of Scotland +44131-549-9785 seven days a week

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